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  • What kind of image should I use for a photograph?

    If you're using a photograph, then you should use a good resolution JPG image. Try to find the highest quality image with a file size less than 12 Megabytes (12 MB).

  • What kind of image should I use for a logo or clipart?

    To use a logo, or some type image created by a graphics professional from solid lines and colors (specifically called 'vector art'), then EPS is the best choice. By using an EPS file in your design, you can retain the sharp lines in your original image, even if the file size you use is very small. If you do not have access to an EPS file, then GIF or PNG file formats will provide you with the next best print quality. Again, try to find the highest quality image with a file size less than 12 Megabytes (12 MB).

  • Where can I get a high quality image for my sign?

    Check with you internal graphic design department to see if one has already been created. Or, you can purchase your custom original logo and sign designs for a very competitive price through our Sign Design Service program. These designs are created specifically for you by our own graphic design artists. Just call our fantastic customer support team at 855-887-5903 or email them at to find out more about how we can help you design anything you need for your signs!

  • How can I tell if my image is good?

    One way to see the quality of your image is to open it in a image viewer (if you don't have one of these, you can use the Reflective Real Estate Sign Company design tool). Zoom in on the image, or enlarge it a great deal, and see if the image is very grainy. This is a good indication of a poor quality image. In general, it is good practice to find the highest quality image you can.

  • Does the Reflective Real Estate Sign Company Offer Imaging or Graphic Design Services?

    Yes! Our Sign Design Services cover almost all of your sign printing needs. From sign and logo design to touch-ups and image cropping, we can help you get your signs and banners looking great.

    Contact us at: for more information.

  • How do you decide the 'recommended size' for my image, and the 'viewable distance'?

    These calculations are based on the resolution (dots per inch, or DPI) of the image you provide. Uploading a higher resolution image means a larger image will look better at a closer distance. More technically, our system first examines the DPI of the image you upload. Then, based on that DPI, some mathematical formulas and our own experience, it inserts the image into your sign at the maximum size that will likely give you a clean, high-quality image when viewed at a distance of several feet. The system must assume that the image you provide 'looks good' to start with, as the only factor used when calculating the recommended physical size is the actual resolution (DPI) of the image you provide.

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